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Svinkels mp3 download (37 tracks)

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Album: Dirty Centre mp3 download

Year: 2008
Artist: Svinkels
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Svinkels - Dirty Centre album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Svinkels - Le Club De L Apocalypse.mp3 4.75 Mb download
2. Svinkels - Droit Dans Le Mur.mp3 9.57 Mb download
3. Svinkels - Faites Du Bruit.mp3 8.14 Mb download
4. Svinkels - Du Pq (Pour Mon Trou-Trou).mp3 5.83 Mb download
5. Svinkels - La Ferme.mp3 3.34 Mb download
6. Svinkels - La Youte.mp3 6.92 Mb download
7. Svinkels - Dirty Centre.mp3 7.61 Mb download
8. Svinkels - C Est Des Cons.mp3 8.76 Mb download
9. Svinkels - Ultras Festifs.mp3 8.68 Mb download
10. Svinkels - La Fugue (Serie Noire 2).mp3 8.60 Mb download
11. Svinkels - La Tour Eiffel.mp3 3.91 Mb download
12. Svinkels - Tout Nu Yo.mp3 7.65 Mb download
13. Svinkels - Le Blues Du Tox.mp3 9.32 Mb download
14. Svinkels - On Ferme.mp3 2.24 Mb download

Album: Tapis Rouge [+ 1 CD Collector mp3 download

Year: 2003
Artist: Svinkels
Quality: High
Rating: StarStar

Svinkels - Tapis Rouge [+ 1 CD Collector album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Svinkels - C-Real Killer.mp3 12.02 Mb download
2. Svinkels - H.mp3 16.11 Mb download
3. Svinkels - Krevard.mp3 10.23 Mb download
4. Svinkels - Mappe Monde.mp3 9.48 Mb download
5. Svinkels - Intro Reveille le Punk.mp3 0.62 Mb download
6. Svinkels - A Coups de Santiag.mp3 7.47 Mb download
7. Svinkels - Bois Mes Paroles.mp3 7.91 Mb download
8. Svinkels - Boule Puante.mp3 8.17 Mb download
9. Svinkels - Calmos.mp3 1.89 Mb download
10. Svinkels - Cuitas.mp3 1.85 Mb download
11. Svinkels - Front Contre Front.mp3 8.26 Mb download
12. Svinkels - Mahoudiere.mp3 1.42 Mb download
13. Svinkels - Twist.mp3 8.06 Mb download
14. Svinkels - Reveille le Punk (Full Metal Mix].mp3 7.46 Mb download
15. Svinkels - Tapis Rouge.mp3 10.12 Mb download

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Album: Bons Pour L'asile mp3 download

Year: 0
Artist: Svinkels
Quality: High
Rating: StarStar

Svinkels - Bons Pour L'asile album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Svinkels - Ca Recommence.mp3 4.18 Mb download
2. Svinkels - Le Svink C Est Chic.mp3 6.49 Mb download
3. Svinkels - De La Came Sous Le Saphir.mp3 6.72 Mb download
4. Svinkels - Ca N Sert A Rien.mp3 4.94 Mb download
5. Svinkels - Happy Hour.mp3 6.66 Mb download
6. Svinkels - Ma Musique.mp3 6.63 Mb download
7. Svinkels - Bricolage.mp3 2.63 Mb download
8. Svinkels - Dizy (Qu Il Est Fini).mp3 5.31 Mb download
9. Svinkels - Le Corbeau.mp3 8.37 Mb download
10. Svinkels - Plutot Mourir.mp3 4.72 Mb download
11. Svinkels - L Internazionale.mp3 5.20 Mb download
12. Svinkels - Hard Amat.mp3 7.05 Mb download
13. Svinkels - Vite Fait Mal Fait.mp3 5.09 Mb download
14. Svinkels - Serie Noire.mp3 7.95 Mb download
15. Svinkels - Le Plancher M Appelle.mp3 6.42 Mb download

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Artist: Owl City
Song: Vanilla Twilight

The stars lean down to kiss you,
And I lie awake and miss you.
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.
'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly,
But I'll miss your arms around me.
I'd send a postcard to you dear,
'Cause I wish you were here.

I'll watch the night turn light blue.
But it's not the same without you,
Because it takes two to whisper quietly,
The silence isn't so bad,
Till I look at my hands and feel sad,
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly.

I'll find repose in new ways,
Though I haven't slept in two days,
'Cause cold nostalgia chills me to the bone.
But drenched in Vanilla twilight,
I'll sit on the front porch all night,
Waist deep in thought because when I think of you.
I don't feel so alone.
I don't feel so alone.
I don't feel so alone.

As many times as I blink I'll think of you... tonight.
I'll think of you tonight.

When violet eyes get brighter,
And heavy wings grow lighter,
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again.
And I'll forget the world that I knew,
But I swear I won't forget you,
Oh if my voice could reach back through the past,
I'd whisper in your ear,
Oh darling I wish you were here.

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